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The Cordless Charger

Image via FoneSalesman

If we can’t have hoverboards or flying cars, can we at least get rid of cords? I’ve been on a mission to find a good portable charger for my always-dying smartphone and this might be it. FoneSalesman’s QiStone+ is a portable wireless power bank. It’s pocket-sized and it’s pretty. I’m sold.

To charge a device, simply lay it on top of the QiStone+. It can power two devices at once with or without wires – there’s a USB 2.0 port – and you can even use one QiStone+ to charge another. Four LED lights indicate how much of the 4000mAh of power is left. The one downfall is that it would be hard to charge your phone on the go unless you have a cord handy. Let’s also remember that not all phones have wireless charging capabilities so make sure your phone is compatible with Qi inductive charging. But the $75 price tag isn’t too terrible.

IT Girl

#IT Girl  
|  August 20th, 2014

NYC Slow Mo

Image via Gothamist

New York is supposed to be one of those places that flash before your eyes, what with the freneticism and the never sleeping and all. But if you take a moment to look around, you’ll see a lot of beauty in between those piles of garbage and noisy cars. 

Tim Hessler captured some of that beauty using a slow motion camera and a lot of patience. There’s some great shots of classic New York City visions: hasidim in Brooklyn, handball players in LES, even pigeons. If you can make pigeons look good, that’s saying something.

Reminds me a lot of James Nares “Streets" piece, which captures more of the day-to-day street scene. Makes me want to go out for a walk in the smelliest, prettiest town in the whole world.

— Digital Gentleman

|  August 19th, 2014

NOOKRONO Chronograph Taps Space Age Cool

Image via Design Milk

Nooka’s new collection is giving me some serious 60’s Space Race nostalgia right now.

Nooka is a New York-based design firm specializing in timepieces. Their latest project, the Nokrono, takes 60’s space age instrumentation to heart. The time pieces feature bold faces and minimalist sensibilities and definitely look like something a test pilot might strap to himself to explore the coldness of space. The watches also have space age prices: the limited edition NOOKRONO Lux features 18 karat gold and costs $5,000. 

Digital Gentleman

|  August 19th, 2014

Fiverr is Flourishing for Now


Image via Fiverr

Online service marketplace Fiverr started as a place to hire virtual help for $5. I’ll edit your photos for $5… I’ll proofread your resume for $5… I’ll cast a love spell for $5. (Really, that’s a listing.) It’s a dream for those who need online help fast, but maybe not so much for those freelancers who are only getting paid a five-spot.

The company has seen so much success that it upped it’s maximum listing price to $500 and secured $30 million in funding, according to VentureBeat. But all of the random services I browsed on the well-organized site were still at the low-low cost of $5. TaskRabbit has more sustainable hourly rates in the $15-$25 per hour range, but they only offer cleaning, handyman, personal assistant, and moving services.

Would you purchase or list services for only $5? Tweet us @WIREDInsider.

Smarter Upstarter

|  August 18th, 2014

Turn Water into Wine

Image via Makezine

Everyone loves a little magic. Now turning water into wine is another story – talk about a good party trick. Have this illusion up your sleeve and you’ll be the star of your next get together.

The “water to wine” trick needs only a cardboard box and three empty soda bottles that are connected via slim tubing. With a little magic – ahem, air pressure – water is poured through a funnel and into an empty bottle, which pushes the air from the empty bottle into a bottle of wine, which pushes the wine out the tube and into a glass.  All your audience will see is water poured into a box and wine coming out. How’s that for a little abracadabra?

Watch the detailed video and read the full directions at Instructables


|  August 17th, 2014

Now You Can 3D Print with Amazon

Image via Amazon

Big news, my friends. Amazon now has a 3D Printing Store. If this doesn’t solidify the 3D-printing movement then I don’t know what will.

Customers can choose from a catalog of 3D-printed items ranging from jewelry to toys to tech accessories to home décor to games. Right now my eye is on the slim wallet, the “Dawg” sculpture, and the GoPro scuba mask mount. Some items – like a bobble head, dog collar tag, and monogrammed cufflinks – are customizable with multiple options for size, color, material, and more. No word yet on whether customers will eventually be able to upload their own designs. 


|  August 17th, 2014

The Urban Bicycle of Your Dreams

Image via Oregon Manifest

It’s called Merge and it’s a prototype bike designed by Pensa and Horse Cycles with city riding – and storing – in mind.

That means it needed to be lightweight to carry up and down stairs, a compact size to navigate between cars, and the frame had to hold some hidden amenities. USB charging and lighting, a fender, lock cable, and a spring-loaded retractable aluminum rack all fit into the frame and completely disappear when not in use. The USB port is linked to a generator in the front wheel so devices can be recharged while cycling.

The impressive ride was created for The Bike Design Project.

Adventure Capitalist

|  August 16th, 2014

Flight Tonight

imageImage via tnooz

Ever dreamt of just walking out your front door and onto a flight? A new app called Flight Tonight makes that dream a reality.

The app finds flight deals from your location that depart today. You can literally book your ticket as you’re on the way to the airport. Or if you’re feeling really risky, just show up to the airport first. I just tested the app to see what’s leaving out of New York City tonight. The options ranged from $201 to Nantucket, $224 to Akron, $245 to Rochester, and $281 to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.  It would have to be an 8-day trip but I’m thinking of heading to the airport now… 

Adventure Capitalist

|  August 16th, 2014

The Ice Cream that Changes Color as You Eat It

Image via FoodBeast

FoodBeast as discovered an ice cream for the curious, Bill-Nye-loving child in all of us – and for those of us who just can’t seem to pay attention to something that stands still.

The ice cream, dubbed Xamaleón, has been described as having a “mixed fruit-like taste.” It starts out a pale shade of blue, and then, with the help of a “love elixir” and, you know, saliva, it changes colors. The magical dessert’s inventor is a Spanish physicist named Manual Linares explains that the color change is rooted in the harnessing of temperature and oxidation.

Next, Linares tells FoodBeast, he’s working on an “ice cream that glows in ultraviolet lights,” to help you ‘scream while you untz untz. 


|  August 15th, 2014

The Bluetooth-Enabled Way to Measure Your Ingredients

Image via Kickstarter

Measuring is the hardest part of baking (or so we’re told. We’re more of the walk-down-to-Dominique-Ansel folks). Thankfully, here’s now a Kickstarter campaign designed to take the human error – and human mess – out of measuring the ingredients for any recipe.

Meet PantryChic, the new kitchen product just waiting for your dollars and support. This handy gadget stores all the ingredients you’ll ever need in airtight canisters, then, with the touch of a button, can measure out exactly the right amount and dispense it in seconds. The microprocessor “registers” the type of ingredients as soon as the PantryChic-system canister is attached to the standing machine, and can even work with Bluetooth-enabled tablets, phones and computers with a “recipe walk through” system designed to make cooking and baking utterly thoughtless. Now if only we could find a way to make those ooey gooey homemade cookies healthful… 


|  August 15th, 2014