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Photo: “Amazon Kindle” by Flickr user Chris Coyier under CC (BY-ND 2.0 license)

There’s a new epidemic sweeping the nation and it’s affecting technology users of all ages: tablet elbow. It’s comparable to pointer-finger-itis (from tapping your touch screen too hard) but much more serious than tennis elbow because honestly, who’s playing tennis all day, every day? To rid yourself of the shooting pain up your tendon, invest in one of these quick fixes:

Look Ma, No Hands! Hanfree is like magic – it makes your iPad float above you or next to you. The adjustable stand solves tablet elbow but your arm might fall asleep instead.

Double Duty: Don’t risk dropping a one-week old $500+ device. The Tablet Claw snaps around your iPad for only minimal protection, but the handy finger ring doubles as a nice stand for typing.

Triple Duty: The Marware Leather Cover protects your Kindle Fire and more. It folds over to create a multi-level stand for watching movies or typing, but its best feature is a comfortable hand strap. Slip it on and you’ll be able to enjoy your tablet without strain.

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|  December 28th, 2011
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