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Three years, people. Three short years.

Three years is all we have left to produce the Back to the Future, Part II hover board, which supposedly will help slick, lovable punks from 1984 dodge bullys in 2015. 

In preparation for that momentous year, Mattel is producing the official Back to the Future hover board (IT Girl mentioned this yesterday in her post). As you can imagine, it doesn’t actually float (and don’t get them started on the whole “doesn’t-hover-over-water” problem). Rather, the toy will glide over smooth surfaces, such as the carpet in your Nana’s dining room, and make cool, future-y sounds (although you’re more than welcome to add your own “Great Scott!” in there once in awhile). Mattel will release pricing and availability info later this quarter.

Hover board? Check. Self-lacing Nike’s? Sorta check. Now I just need a Mr. Fusion.

|  February 16th, 2012
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