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Glam Media’s launched on February 9, 2012 and according to CEO Samir Arora, is attempting to be “the large gorilla that owns the online [food] channel.” The first week of’s launch brought some praise and some questions.

I’ve posted before about food based social media sites for farmers, amateur chefs, picky eaters, and journalists, etc. However, is the first dedicated consumer site to tackle such a large and faceted topic. Positioning themselves somewhere between the curated Michelin opinion and the haphazard Yelp review, has a mix of professional and user content, and with 1,000+ recipes is meant to merge these disparate sides of the food communities. caters to established food personalities and allows you to link your already existing food blog, Facebook and Twitter to your online personality. We all love food but with every social media site possibly having something to do with food (or at least with donuts), will it catch on?

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|  February 17th, 2012
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