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Image via Livehoods

With all the check-ins, tweets, posts, and social sharing all of us are doing these days, it’s no shock that there are now mountains of relevant data that can be mined for all kinds of insights into cultural habits and how societies flow. Now a group at Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science School is taking a big swing at the task with Livehoods, a project to “conceptualize the dynamics, structure, and character of a city by analyzing the social media its residents generate.”

Starting with New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh, Livehoods is publishing interactive maps that reflect activity patterns of city dwellers. Neighborhoods evolve over years and are geographic indicators of where people operate in a city. The boundaries for Livehoods are much more dynamic, changing as the activities of the citizens within them change. It’s a pretty cool project; something tells me the students working on this will be future Smarter Upstarters.

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|  April 14th, 2012
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