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If you don’t know what FBO means, it’s probably because you’re not in high school. It stands for “Facebook Official” and it’s mainly referring to your relationship status—because obviously relationships are much more serious when they’re FBO.

As ridiculous as it sounds, making things FBO is a part of our adult life, too. Case in point: IT Girl got engaged a week-and-a-half ago. In the days where newborn baby pictures are posted on Facebook minutes after birth (sometimes without the new parents’ permission), I wanted my major life event to have a social-media-free buffer. This news was NOT going on Facebook. Yet.

The exciting phone calls announcing our engagement came with a threat: “Don’t say anything on Facebook yet because we haven’t told everyone!” Over the week, we made lots more calls and left a few cryptic voicemails, but before you know it, we fell into the trap of texts and emails instead of audible conversations. We made it a solid 10 days before we gave up and headed to the social network. 102 ‘likes’ and 80 comments later, we’re officially FBO.

Have you announced a relationship on Facebook? How long did you wait before you made it FBO? Comment below or tweet us @WIREDInsider.

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|  April 18th, 2012
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