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Advertisers have been doing it since, like, forever. Paying for their message to appear more prominently in order to get more attention. They pay Google for prominence in search, they pay Twitter for trending topics and tweets, and they pay Facebook for targeted ads and sponsored stories. Now you can pay for online attention too, with Facebook’s “highlight” feature. 

Still in testing with select users, Facebook highlight gives users the opportunity to throw in a couple extra bucks with their status update in order to ensure that it appears in more friends’ feeds. Currently you can only get that if your status update is made more relevant with likes and comments. First, a question: will a post by someone who greased Zuckerberg’s palms be identified like Google ads are? Second, a prediction: a suspicious increase in the amount of “sharenting” posts in our feeds.

Would you pay Facebook to feature your status? Tell us below or @WIREDInsider.

|  May 14th, 2012
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