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Image via reddit

Reddit can be an amazing place. And what makes it amazing are the users. But not all users are created equal. Certain novelty accounts that do hilarious things like paint celebrity portraits live make the site truly special. Here’s a rundown. See if you can spot one next time you’re on Reddit.

WhyNotBarberShop is one man, but four voices. He selects certain comments on threads and immortalizes them with a custom barbershop quartet serenade.
Sure_Ill_Draw_That is one of the more famous novelty accounts. His moniker is his modus operandi — he draws ludicrous scenes using surprisingly artistic stick figures
. There are many image-based novelty accounts. Awesome_Oil_Paint is the high-art version.
Etch_A_Sketcher combines ridiculous dexterity, undying patience, and the best toy to come out of the 80s to make amazing imagery.
I_Lase_You is the adult, dangerous version of Etch_A_Sketcher, employing a laser beam to cut to the heart of the matter.

|  July 19th, 2012
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