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It’s only February, but I think we just found our first candidate for 2013’s “Craziest Startup of the Year.” Here’s the pitch: what if you could get all of your snail mail in digital form? Outbox is a new startup that promises to make that a reality. The crazy part is how they pull it off:

Step 1: You sign up for the service and verify your address. Got a mailbox key? Send them a picture of it, and they make their own copy from that picture so they can get your mail.

Step 2: Three days a week, Outbox picks up your mail and takes it to something called a secure warehouse, where they open it, scan it, and store it.

Step 3: You view your mail right from the web, and if you’d like the actual hard copy, they’ll deliver it back to your home or office.

What do you think? Would you let Outbox handle your snail mail?

|  February 4th, 2013
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