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The evolution of Smarter Upstarter’s cellular phone ownership goes something like this: first, it was a Nokia 8200. Then there was a Blackberry Pearl, and after that, the Blackberry Bold. And then the iPhone, in all its well-publicized iterations. I’m mostly certain that I’ll never have a phone with a physical keyboard again. Well, mostly.

This week, the makers of Blackberry, RIM, changed their name to Blackberry and released two new phones. One is the Z10, an iPhone/Galaxy clone, and the other, the Q10, is a traditional Blackberry model equipped with a physical keypad. It’s the Q10 that got my attention. The truth is, I’ve never quite gotten used to the touch screen keypad. Tapping instead of typing will never seem natural to me, but now Blackberry has released a phone with both a touch screen and a keypad. That means you can type out a text and play Angry Birds. I’m not saying I’ll switch immediately, but isn’t it worth a look?

|  February 4th, 2013
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