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Image via Indochino

A proper suit took months of tailoring and upwards of a half-dozen fittings before you were ready to be clothed. Now we have the internet, which means now you can get dressed up in a custom suit in half the time and half the money. And you can do it without having to put your pants on. Here’s a quick guide.

IndochinoA powerhouse of the online suiting world, Indochino specializes in creating custom suits. Just pick your suit, your details, and send in your measurements. They even offer a credit should you have to do more tailoring after you get delivery. Read more about how it works here.

Black LapelThe new(er) kid on the block. A very similar offering to Indochino, though Black Lapel’s suits are a bit trendier, and the wait time is shorter.

BonobosAn online retailer that started off with pants but has since grown to include pretty much everything a guy can wear. Their ready-to-wear casual stuff is second to none. Their suiting doesn’t come with as iron-clad a guarantee as the other guys, but they make up for it with high-quality customer service that’s “powered by ninjas”.

|  February 5th, 2013
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