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The latest social media craze has already exceeded my expectations when it comes to creativity. Find The Magic 6 Ball from user bradin6 (tap to get the answer to all life’s questions) or search anything, like #lego or #stopmotion.

1. Time Lapse

Watch your beer disappear. Watch your hair transform during a haircut. Watch the Legos build themselves.

2. Quick How Tos

Things like origami, recipes, and knot tying can be taught in six one-second clips.

3. Headaches

Simply tap instead of holding your finger down to see how many shots fit into a six second montage. Headaches begin once you hit play.

4. GIFs

The trick is to make the continuous loop look seamless. Get inspired by these animated GIFs.

5. TV and Movie Clips

Record something funny/stupid then give a commentary/reenactment.

6. Short Films

This is my favorite. What story can you tell in six seconds?


                                                                                                -IT Girl

#IT Girl  
|  February 7th, 2013
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