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Valentine’s Day is long gone, but this story inspired me on more than one level. It’s both a super creative love note and a genius marketing campaign. Here’s how it went down.

Guy and girl date long distance. Guy surprises girl with adorable GPS map of his 27-mile bike ride around San Francisco – in the shape of a heart. Bike shop loves idea. Blogs it. Map goes viral. Boy gets call from ad agency. Verizon has guy recreate the whole bike trip complete with a body double, faux girlfriend, camera-rigged truck, and blocked-off city streets.

If you were approached to turn your indie project into a commercial campaign, would you do it? Read the rest of the story on NPR

|  February 23rd, 2013
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    This was such a clever commercial! Love it!
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    so i guess there is still some hope left for humanity.
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