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Don’t know what to get your Dad or Grad this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:


1. House of Marley Chant and Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Audio Systems

Is your Grad a little down in the dumps about the end of their collegiate career? Have no fear! Your budding scholar can keep the party going post-University with the House of Marley’s Chant and Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Audio Systems.  Their unique, earth-friendly designs pack a whole lot of style and you can bring your music with you from a friend’s backyard BBQ to a beach party to the campfire.  Compatible with hundreds of different Bluetooth-ready devices to start the party wherever life takes you. Can you say, “We be jammin’?”

2. Fitbit Flex

Dads and Grads alike suffer from a common enemy: boredom. The Flex is the latest in a long line of digital trackers. This version is wearable, accurate, and understated.

3. Apple TV
You know what your Dad or Grad needs? Not more TV, no, better TV. The Apple TV works with Netflix and iTunes, and will change the way you couch potato.

4. Pentax Q
The Q is small, but packs crazy punch. Interchangeable lenses allows for amazing control and range. Your Dad can finally start documenting his birdwatching activities. 
5. Pebble Smart Watch
The Pebble is the most popular Kickstarter, ever, and for good reason. The open-source, e-paper-based watch is as stylish as it is smart. Keep your Grad looking fly with this must-have tech.
|  May 21st, 2013
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