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Twitter’s Semi-Secret Recommendation Account

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Over the weekend I got a text message notifying me that Laurene Jobs, wife of the late and most definitely great Steve Jobs, was now on Twitter. The heads-up didn’t come from a tech-connected friend, but rather from Twitter itself, via a somewhat secretive new account they created earlier this year called Magic Recs.

Now, @laurenejobs hasn’t actually tweeted anything yet, but I got notified anyway because several people I follow all began following her within about a day or so. That seems to be the sort of thing that triggers Magic Recs, as if to say “hey, a few people you follow decided to follow this account recently. Maybe you should too.” Describing itself as a “Twitter experiment” in its profile, @MagicRecs could be a precursor to an improved recommendation engine, but as the NYT reports, Twitter is mum on the issue for now. Give @MagicRecs a try for the next couple of weeks and see what you think.

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|  September 23rd, 2013
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