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Announcing the WIRED Maker!

Congratulations @Bill_Porter! You’re the WIRED Maker.

THE CHALLENGE: Do it Yourself! Make something on your own and tweet us a picture or video of your creation. @Adafruit’s Limor Fried and Etsy will be our guest judges.

THE WINNER: Bill Porter’s Tesla Hero, a Guitar Hero controlled Tesla Coil. Close seconds were the Nixie Clock by John Berube and RoboBrrd by RobotGrrl, an animatronic robot bird made from pencils & popsicle sticks.  


From Adafruit: We’re always impressed with Guitar Hero hacks. It’s practically becoming a musical instrument on its own and like all things musical, it’s better with a million volts. We also have a soft spot for Nixie clocks. This project shows a made-from-scratch clock with the iconic cold-war era displays of choice. We’re looking forward to seeing what enclosure the clock eventually goes in.

From Etsy: We loved Tesla Coil! It looks and sounds good, and it’s something that we would love to have in our living rooms.

|  June 13th, 2011
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