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Kno Yourself

I’m just out of college and I already feel like a grandpa, what with these newfangled doohickies like the the Kno app for iPad (youngsters these days don’t know what life was like before the iPad; I had to drag my laptop to school uphill both ways through the snow!).

The Kno is basically an e-reader for college textbooks. While not having to lug around that thirty pound bio text book is nice, Kno is more than just a convenient way to lighten your backpack. The Kno’s biggest draw is the journal feature. Say you highlight some text, add some sticky notes, and want to remember an image. Kno’s journal feature will aggregate all that onto one place so you can focus on that important stuff. There’s even a “quiz” me feature that has real potential. 

Good times. How it will help you write that essay on postcolonial feminist spam filters is up to you.

|  August 11th, 2011
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