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Homestar Runner Returns

Image via The Verge

Hey kids, you ready to go way, way, way back to 2002?

Homestar Runner has released a new cartoon in classic Homestar, Flash-based, not-mobile-friendly glory. It’s a rap video by Strong Bad and Coach Z about fisheye lenses. That sentence only makes sense because it’s Homestar Runner.

For many Millennials, Homestar Runner was the first introduction to the Flash-based cartoons that were the major form of animation of “Web 2.0.”

 The site hasn’t been regularly updating for some time, but let’s hope that changes soon and we’ll get ever more random Homestar hilarity. Check out the website ( for hours of good times.


|  October 9th, 2014

SLMMSK - The Anti-Selfie App

Photo via Cool Hunting

Leave it to some edgy Russian programmers to create an anti-selfie app that doubles as terrifying commentary a la William Gibson. SLMMSK uses facial recognition software and a serious dose of Big Brother to transform selfies into something totally different. The app replaces your face with a variety of images — a smiley face (someone’s been watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’!) a black bar, or just good ol’ fashioned pixelation. You can then export the pic to the regular social networks, where I presume it will be picked up by the NSA, and you’ll be spirited from your bed in the dead of night for “reeducation”.


|  September 11th, 2014

Cats, the Meaning of Life

Image via Kickstarter

The internets been around for almost four years now and we’re still obsessed with cats. Now, because the internet likes to fold itself up like some crazy Italian cake, there’s going to be a Kickstarter for a book about the internet about cats. The project, called Catstarter is going to be a book made up of entries from notable eggheads like Alexis Madrigal, an editor of, Kevin Nguyen, formerly of I Can Haz Cheezburger, and a bunch of poets and other unemployed people.

If I were asked to contribute to this (ahem hint hint) I’d first just spend the summer stroking my cat. Then I’d wonder aloud “why have I wasted my summer stroking this cat?” I’m a complicated person.

Donate to Catstarter today.


|  September 11th, 2014


Image via iTunes

In the dance battle that is the video-gramming game, Instagram just pulled the equivalent of a double 1990 into a windmill into a flare into a MC poseHyperlapse let’s you take long videos on Instagram and then speed them up like one of those hilarious chase scenes you’d see in old time-y movies. Now you can take a video of something long and boring, say your kid’s dance recital, and then use Hyperlapse to make a 10 second clip of manic energy. Pure comedy gold. 

I’m going to use Hyperlapse and video me making blog posts. That’s four hours of writing, and six hours of crying in the shower. Now THAT’S entertainment. 


|  September 4th, 2014

Get Loud with Loudie

Image via NYTimes

Loudie is a concert discovery app that uses your social data to show you cool upcoming shows to hit up, along with ones you missed because you were on the john. You can also use the app to get free tickets (my favorite kind!) and to invite your homies to shows. The best part is Loudie uses videos to display concerts, because words are soooo 18th Century. Scrolling through the app is just like scrolling along on Vine or Instagram, except with face-melting music acts instead of pictures of eggs benedict. 

Loudie is awesome. Get it.


|  September 4th, 2014

Soldiers’ Kits Make Your Gear Look Like Crap

Image via Cool Material

Some historian did a photo series about what soldiers in the past used to carry with them into battle. It’s awesome. You got spears, axes, guns, swords, and cool ass uniforms. Also, everyone always had a spoon, because being a total badass in history made you hungry.

You know what’s in my pocket right now? A wallet (empty), a pen (doesn’t work), and my old ass iPhone that used to belong to my mom. Who am I going to conquer with that? Not that ladies, that’s for sure.


|  August 28th, 2014

Surf’s Up, Brah

Image via Flickr

Hey, brah. Like, how about we kick back, blast some tunes, and catch some waves? Internet waves, my man, internet waves.

That’s how I imagine web surfing competitions like the one that happened in Rockaway in New York go down. The object is to surf from one website to another using nothing but your mouse. No back button, no search bar, no right click. It’s the way our grandfather’s surfed Geocities, broskis.

Think you got what it takes? Try it: surf from Facebook to Myspace with just your mouse. Wipe out, man.


|  August 28th, 2014

Reason 439,885 Why The Internet is Awesome: Chris Pratt Rap Video

Image via YouTube

How is the internet awesome? Let’s see:

1) Be Chris Pratt

2) Be hilarious and lovable

3) Be cast in an amazing Marvel movie and go on a crazy press tour

4) Go on the radio as part of said press tour

5) Be asked if you even rap, bro?

6) Melt the face off of the microphone with an amazing Eminem verse

7) Have that video go viral

8) Have Reddit see said video


10) ???

11) Profit

<3 you, Chris.


|  August 21st, 2014

Aegis Defender is The Game from the Past That’s Our Future

imageImage via Kickstarter

The best thing about living in the future is the past. Case in point, the new Aegis Defender game on Kickstarter. In the game, dudes in a post-apocalyptic world use advanced technology from a forgotten past to fight in a medieval world of magic. 

Wait a sec. A game that looks like its from the past but is coming in the future is about technology from the future being used to fight in the present that looks like the past? This is some Marty McFly-style problems, yo.

Fund the game here.


|  August 21st, 2014

Reebok Bacon is My Kind of Exercise

imageImage via Cool Material

Ey so Reebok now makes bacon. Yeah. I’m not sure what to say. I mean I like bacon, but I feel that bacon comes with a certain, you know, lifestyle. One that requires sweatpants as formal clothing, not shaving, chilling on your couch, and playing the Destiny Beta a lot. Now if Reebok is making bacon does that mean bacon is a health thing?? I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Reebok made it for Crossfit, which after a lot of internet sleuthing I’ve discovered is a workout routine where you do push ups until you make Captain America cry. Sorry, Cap, maybe you should have been working on your push-ups instead of polishing your shield. BURN.


|  August 14th, 2014