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Fiverr is Flourishing for Now


Image via Fiverr

Online service marketplace Fiverr started as a place to hire virtual help for $5. I’ll edit your photos for $5… I’ll proofread your resume for $5… I’ll cast a love spell for $5. (Really, that’s a listing.) It’s a dream for those who need online help fast, but maybe not so much for those freelancers who are only getting paid a five-spot.

The company has seen so much success that it upped it’s maximum listing price to $500 and secured $30 million in funding, according to VentureBeat. But all of the random services I browsed on the well-organized site were still at the low-low cost of $5. TaskRabbit has more sustainable hourly rates in the $15-$25 per hour range, but they only offer cleaning, handyman, personal assistant, and moving services.

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Smarter Upstarter

|  August 18th, 2014

Wanna Get Away?

Image via Crumpler

By now we’re all accustomed to using high-technology to plan our travel, and we’re outfitted from here to Tuesday with fancy apps, cameras, and other gadgets to help us wring every drop of vacation from our vacations. But sometimes its the low-tech stuff that can have the most consistent impact on our journeys. For me, it always comes back to a bag.

Like other experienced travelers, you probably only pack one bag, and that bag is a carry-on. This summer Smarter Upstarter is keen on the new Vis-á-Vis Cabin from Crumpler. Long known for their excellent camera bags, Crumpler have outdone themselves with this new line of luggage, seeming to have thought of everything from built-in security mechanisms to clothes compression to handle-switching. The hard-shell “Cabin” version will fit in virtually any overhead bin with a little room left to spare, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Happy trails!

Smarter Upstarter

|  August 11th, 2014

How WIRED’s Giant Creature Came to Life for Comic-Con

Image via The Scene

One of my favorite old videos as a kid was the making of “Return of the Jedi”. Seeing the sculptors, engineers, and puppeteers bring the creatures from Jabba’s lair to life somehow made the whole thing even more magical. I was thinking about those old videos this weekend when WIRED unveiled its surprise for 2014 Comic-Con: The Giant Creature.

Conceived by the same team that brought us the 2013 WIRED Comic-Con mechwarrior, this year’s Giant Creature may have been an even bigger hit. Check out this great WIRED Video series that takes you through the process of bringing this big guy to life—all the way from the first pencil sketches to the GC’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. My favorite part: watching the full body mechanics that make GC move, and realizing that these creature pro’s still use a lot of the techniques the team from Star Wars used more than 30 years ago. 

Smarter Upstarter

|  August 4th, 2014

Oscar is a Dead-Simple Healthcare Startup

Image via Oscar

How about a new kind of health insurance company that’s using technology to make insurance simple, intuitive, and human? If you’ve ever spent time deciphering a health insurance bill or braved the Obamacare website, that sentence probably sounds like a distant, hopeless fantasy. It’s actually a direct quote from the homepage of Oscar, a health insurance startup that launched last fall with over $75 million in seed funding alone.

Oscar makes personal health care easier to understand by simplifying insurance to its most basic elements, then providing a website and smartphone app that let you easily track and price what kind of healthcare is available to you. Add-on bonuses include free phone calls to actual doctors, free generic prescriptions and a clever health timeline (kind of like your Facebook feed, but for medical history).

So far Oscar is only available to New York state residents, but with one of Instagram’s original investors behind it, that will likely change soon.

Smarter Upstarter

|  August 4th, 2014

If Cycling’s the New Golf, Here’s Your Bag

Image via Rapha

Startup folks aren’t wild about golf. Play nine holes for fun now and again, sure, but as a networking activity? That’s for the Fortune 500 set. Entrepreneurs tend to favor the more group-oriented cycling because everyone can play, it’s cheap (you know, after you buy the fanciest bike there is) and just like golf there’s beer afterward.

Thanks to WIRED’s Summer Gadget Lab series you’re going to discover a bevy of new gear to help you maximize every outdoor excursion—and cycling’s no exception. Along with this curated list of cycling gear from the Lab, we’ve got one late addition for you. With all that spandex there’s not a lot of room left for your stuff. Enter the Rapha Seat Pack, which can carry everything from smartphones to tire patches in its burrito-like, weatherproof form factor. It fits neatly under the seat of your bike, leaving your shirt pouches free to hold all that water you’re going to need.

Smarter Upstarter

|  July 21st, 2014

Last Chance to Save your CardMunch Data. Now What?

Image via LinkedIn

If you’re a user of LinkedIn’s popular CardMunch business card scanning app, you’ve hopefully caught wind that as of today CardMunch is toast. I repeat, today is the final day that you’ll be able to access the data from business cards you’ve scanned using CardMunch. So before you start looking for a CardMunch replacement, be sure to transfer your data to Evernote (which you’ll be able to access free for 2 years) or just download it for safekeeping.

Now then, because business cards are still a thing you’ll need a replacement for CardMunch. If you’re already down with Evernote, then their Hello 2.0 app has got you covered. If not, there alternate options. CamCard is cheap, accurate, and available for virtually every mobile OS there is. But it doesn’t sync with LinkedIn. The FullContact app is free and will sync your scanned info with virtually any application you like. But it’s $10/month if you want to scan more than 10 cards.

Now if LinkedIn would just buy Evernote…

Smarter Upstarter

|  July 14th, 2014

Bcc, easy as 123

Image via YouTube

Apple WWDC and Google I/O are both done. Game of Thrones and the rest of television is on hiatus. Which makes July the perfect month for WIRED to step in with an issue dedicated to refreshing your knowledge of internet ethics.

While WIRED and Jerry Seinfeld take you through LinkedIn and emoji’s, Smarter Upstarter would like to take this opportunity to remind you how to politely respond to an email intro using the “Bcc” field.

1)    Larry David sends an email to both you and Jerry Seinfeld, intro-ing the two of you since you both like cars and coffee.

2)    You hit reply-all to say hello to Jerry, and to thank Larry for the intro. But before pressing send, you drag-and-drop Larry’s name to the “Bcc” field, and note in the body of the mail that you’re moving Larry to Bcc. You hit send.

3)    Now, when Jerry “replies-all” back to the group, Larry will automatically be left off Jerry’s email, thus removing Larry from unnecessary emails and completing the intro transaction.

Master of your (email) domain…

Smarter Upstarter

|  July 14th, 2014

NOBEL Case by Kletterwerks

imageImage via Shinola

You may have to wait ’til later this year before treating yourself to the latest iPad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hook yourself up with a snazzy new carrying case in the meantime! The Nobel Case by Kletterwerks is kind of a special find, because it’s recommended by a former President of the United States. Kind of. I can explain.

A couple months back, former President William Clinton visited Shinola, the Detroit-based boutique manufacturer known most for its watches. President Clinton walked away with over $7K in watches, which of course made the news. That got me curious, and I discovered the Nobel Case amongst their fine offerings.

I like this model because it’s versatile. It’ll hold onto your tablet, while leaving room for sunglasses and a magazine or two. Plus its Montana heritage gives it a sturdy feel and the ability to take extra wear and tear.

Smarter Upstarter

|  July 7th, 2014

Googlepalooza 2014: The Swag Report

Image via Google

In what’s becoming an annual tradition dating back to 2011, your Insider pal Smarter Upstarter is back once again with the news you need from this year’s Google I/O conference: the Swag Report.

First up, wearables. Along with the new Android Wear OS, Google announced availability of the LG “G Watch”, the Samsung Galaxy Live, and the Moto 360. Naturally, attendees gifted either the LG or the Samsung, and were also promised the Moto 360 when it comes out.

Up next, a cardboard box. You heard me—the other parting gift was a piece of cardboard you fold around your Android device to turn it into a VR headset. Make all the Oculus jokes you want, but it’s actually kind of cool. You can even make your own!

Even if you couldn’t get inside I/O, there was entertainment outside in the form of the creative protests and free cupcakes from none other than Yahoo!

Smarter Upstarter

|  June 30th, 2014

The Word of the Week Is…”Yo”

Image via iTunes

Simplify, simplify. Was that what Or Arbel had in mind when he launched the suddenly popular Yo App? Or was the fact that it went live April 1st meant to be a clue that it was all just a ruse? I suppose it doesn’t much matter now, because Yo is officially a thing.

Quick background: Yo is an app that let’s you send the word “Yo” to your friends. They in turn can send the word “Yo” back to you. And that is it. I promise you I’m not simplifying it for the sake of brevity. That is all it does. But like a pet rock, your friends have it and so you must have it. Marc Andreessen got deep when discussing it on Twitter. It made Colbert. And yes it’s already been hacked.

Yo says sending a “yo” is all about context. Try it this weekend and see if you agree.

Smarter Upstarter

|  June 30th, 2014